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Welcome to Star Wars `81!

This is a Star Wars fan-game I envisioned as a simple arcade Space Invaders/Galaxian/Galaga style clone that might have existed in 1981, had they tried to rush something out earlier instead of waiting a few years to develop the vector-based arcade game we all remember.

I built this in Scratch for a computer science course, and also for the pure fun of it! If people like it, I may expand it with a GMS or Unity port. More ideas I'd like to explore include more waves with new TIE attack patterns, TIE Bombers to drop bombs (if you pick it up before it explodes, you can fire it as a weapon?), Star Destroyer boss fights, a "retro mode" true to 1981 arcade graphics, and Empire and Jedi sequels might be fun. What would you like to see added? Leave a comment below!

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  • LEFT / RIGHT ARROW to maneuver
  • SPACE to fire
  • Start with 3 extra lives, earn more by scoring points.
  • TIE fighter attack patterns change with each new wave.
  • If a TIE fighter makes it past you, watch your tail!
  • Sneak-attack TIE fighters are worth more points!


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Wow, i've never play a Star Wars classic! Very exciting!!!